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Introducing... The Humble.co
From all the brands using bamboo to change our world, The Humble.co has to be one of our favourites. It's one of those brands that you absolutely fall in love as soon as you get to know a bit about their story, purpose...
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Meeting Carolina Toledo

Hello there,

My name is Carolina Toledo and I am a content creator for my own brand and social media (@_carolinatoledo). I usually talk about nature, fashion, beauty, decoration, sports and sustainable tourism. More recently, I founded the first Directory of Sustainable Shops and Associations of the Canary Islands.

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Live try on feature - this could be you!

We know how much of hassle it is to buy sunglasses without first trying them on. And we know that giving you free exchanges and returns (no questions asked!) is great... but it's not the same! So, after many years of looking for a solution, we finally found it: a live Virtual Try ON. We think you are absolutely going to love it!!

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Meeting Catarina Palma


My name is Catarina Palma and I have been behind the microphone for almost 6 years now (in MegaHits) and it's been 1 year that I am in front of the camera (for Faz Faísca, RTP1). I love both projects, but in different ways. I also like animals, all of them in general... but bugs with wings I rather keep my distance. But it's ok...

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Sustainable world
The world of sustainable fashion is easily one of the ‘hypest’: Consumers are demanding sustainable products and are willing to pay for it. However, many brands have been taking advantage of this to price their sustainable items as true luxury goods. When we created ORIGEM we wanted to change this.
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