How are our sunglasses made?

How are our sunglasses made?

Most of the times, we have no idea where the products we consume come from. However, here at Origem, this is a really important issue.

In this blog post, we want to show you the ‘where what and how’ of our sunglasses so that you can be sure to support a production process that is fair and that you are comfortable with. From seed to you: enjoy!

So, let us begin:

  1. Our sunglasses journey starts in a sustainable bamboo farm in China. Here bamboo will find the perfect conditions to grow for about 4 to 5 years before being ready to be harvested.

    Sustainable bamboo farm
  2. Then, after being manually harvested and replanted, our bamboo is transported to a local factory where it is cleaned, treated and shaped into 15 cm strips:
    Sustainable bamboo stripes for sunglasses

  3. Then, assisted by a precision cutting machine, our craftsman carves each of the pieces of your sunglasses out. From a single kilo of bamboo we can produce 6 pairs of sunglasses.
    Bamboo cutting for sunglasses with precision machine

  4. After that, many instances of sanding, polishing and assembling your sunglasses follow - all by hand for a perfect and unique touch.

    (a) First, each piece is individually sanded and details like the nose holder and other design features are added to your sunglasses.

    (b) Second, your sunglasses' adjustable spring hinges, as well as the stems are assembled together:

    (c) Third, a final round of sanding by hand ensures the smoothest touch, while maintaining bamboo's unique patterns.

  5. Next, your sunglasses are varnished with a coloured or transparent eco-friendly varnish to make them water and heat resistant, as well as to bring their final colour to life.
    Final frames for bamboo sunglasses

  6. Once your frames are completely finished, our polarized UVA/UVB 400 (CE) signature lenses are then installed.
    Installing polarized UVA/UVB 400 protection lenses and final check.
  7. Finally, our logo and each pair's technical specifications are engraved in the sides and lens of each model. Then, just before shipping them to us, your sunglasses are submitted to a final battery of test designed to ensure the integrity, resistance and quality of all of its components.

    If everything is all clear, they are hand-marked as so and shipped to our warehouse in Lisbon. 
  8. Lastly, with the sunglasses already physically in Lisbon, we perform 2 more rounds of quality checks before your sunglasses make their way to you: (1) immediately when they reach our warehouse and (2) just before we ship them to you for a last final check.

    This way we ensure that you are getting absolutely the best that we have to offer.

And that's it: your sunglasses are now ready for you. Throughout the whole process, we (over!)estimate that these sunglasses emitted CO2 equivalent to the absorption capacity of 2 trees.* In order to make sure that we are contributing towards a better future with a carbon-negative product we are planting a total of 5 trees! 

* This estimate is very (very!) overestimated. It is mainly linked with the sunglasses' shipping (to us and then to you) and it does not take into account the fact that by producing bamboo we are actually absorbing CO2. But when it comes to earth: better safe than sorry!

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