Below you can find some of our client's most Frequently Asked Question (FAQs). If you do not find the information that you are looking for please make sure to drop us an email at info@origembrand.com and we will answer as fast as possible.

  • What are the available payment methods?

We offer you a vast array of 100% secure payment options so that you feel the most comfortable when purchasing from us. Please take a look at our Shipping & Payment Details page for all the information.

  • How long does my order take to arrive? Is it free?

ORIGEM wants to offer you the best experience possible. For that reason, we offer all the costs associated with the shipping so you have nothing to worry about. Our leading time is between 1-5 business days. Check out our  Shipping & Payment Details for detailed region-specific information.

  • Can I exchange or return my sunglasses if I don't like them?

Of course! Your satisfaction is our priority and so the last thing we want is that you have sunglasses that you don't absolutely love. You have 5 days after receiving your sunglasses to file an exchange or return request. After that, we will contact you with more information on how to proceed. Please take a look at our page Exchanges & Returns for more information.

  • What do I get when I buy your sunglasses?

Because buying sunglasses is an experience, we want to take care of every aspect of it. Thus, to make sure you have the trendiest way of carrying and caring for your sunglasses with every purchase you will receive our ORIGEM care package, including a Bamboo case w/ our brand's logo, a microfiber pouch and and a microfiber cleaning cloth for free (check them out in any of the product pages!). On top of this, you will also receive a special plantable tag that you can grow into a mix of wildflowers. Visit our dedicated page - Grow your Tag! - to see how you can easily do so.

Finally, when you buy ORIGEM, you also get to take care of rebuilding our planet's forests. For every purchase, we make sure that 5 trees are planted all over the world in reforestation projects that we chose so that you are not only taking plastic out of circulation but also helping to retain some of the carbon that is currently harming our planet.

  • Why are they made of bamboo? Are your sunglasses sustainable?

Caring for Nature is all about being able to maintain a sustainable and balanced relationship with it. For that reason, we decided to use Bamboo as our main production material. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet (it can grow up to 91cm in 24h), while also being tremendously resistant, flexible and 100% clean. It is a material that we believe can truly change the world. To learn more about bamboo, click here and go to a dedicated page on the issue.

On the other hand, because there are still things that are not in our control we make sure that we offset any remaining carbon footprint by planting 5 trees for each order.

  • What about your lenses? What do you offer?

Producing high-quality products, while revolutionizing the way we look at sunglasses is the #1 driver of ORIGEM. For that reason, we only work with the best quality lenses in the market - Polarized, UVA/UVB 400 protection. These lenses are certified by the European Union and undergo strict tests before they are delivered to you. 

  • Am I helping the planet when I buy ORIGEM?

Well, we very much like to think so! There are 3 main reasons why we believe that buying ORIGEM changes the world. (1) you are joining a movement of people that are preoccupied with how today's world has become alienating and artificial in every aspect of life (2) you are using your power as a consumer to say "no" to unsustainable practises of big corporation and instead boost businesses like ours that make sure to give back to the environment what we take and (3) you are making your statement on how you think the fashion industry should look like in the future.  

If you did not find your question above our if you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback please drop us an email at info@origembrand.com or click here: Contact UsWe would love to hear from you!