Privacy Policy

Privacy  Policy

By navigating in our website, you are agreeing with our Privacy Policy. Please make sure you read all the information below carefully:


Data collection and protection

In order for you to be able to buy product from our store, ORIGEM collects personal information such as your name, billing and shipping address, e-mail and other payment information. Nevertheless, all of this information is protectect by our advanced security protocols and its disclosure is strictly prohibit, expect in the case of a Terms and Conditions violation or in the case of suspicion of national or internal laws. Only in these exceptional cases your information might be disclose to the relevant authorities if and when properly requested according to the jurisdiction’s laws.

Under your direct and voluntary permission, we reserve the right to send you promotional emails with store updates, relevant content, discounts, promotions or other campaigns.


Data usage consent

By allowing us to access your personal information when buying, exchanging or returning a product from us, ORIGEM assumes that you are agreeing with the collection, treatment and processing of this data to compete the task at hand.

Any other use of your personal data, for example to email you promotional updates, relevant content, discounts, promotions or other campaigns is dependent on your direct and voluntary permission. If you do not wish to receive such material, you are always allowed to decline receiving it.

ORIGEM as the utmost commitment to its client’s privacy and, for that reason, if you do not agree with sharing any of the personal data mentioned above, please contact us through

By accessing our website, you are confirming having at least the legal majority age in your jurisdiction to access and use our website and / or services. Otherwise, you are confirming that someone from who you are dependent and / or that as legal capacity over you has given you this permission. In this case, this person takes full responsibility for your actions and usage of our website. By default, all of our clients are considered to have attained the age of majority and to enjoy full legal capacity to consent to personal data sharing under the policy herein.



All the information collected in the payment process is protected and encrypted under ORIGEM’s security system and respect all PCI-DDS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) security norms. By doing so we are guaranteeing that you have maximum security and comfort throughout your payment process. All of the information that you share with ORIGEM in order to complete your payment are stored in our servers only until the end of your transaction, being permanently and automatically erased immediately after.


Third-party services 

ORIGEM uses third-party entities with the intent of delivering you the best service possible. In order to be able to properly function, some entities need some of your personal information, which is then shared with the sole purpose of fulfilling the service(s) for which ORIGEM hired them for. This information then becomes protected by each parties own Privacy Policy and because of that you should also read these Policies carefully. Lastly, it is important to highlight that ORIGEM only share the minimum possible, strictly required level of information so that the third-party entity can deliver its service. All for your shared information is still protected under this Privacy Policy.


Links and foreign websites

O site utiliza links para sites exteriores por forma a promover o trabalho e conteúdo de páginas parceiras. Ao aceder a esses sites passará a estar sujeito aos Termos e Condições e à Política de Privacidade dos mesmos. Assim, a ORIGEM não se responsabiliza nem pelos Termos e Condições nem pela Política de Privacidade aplicados, pelo que se aconselha uma leitura atenta destes documentos.

Our website – – uses links for external website with the intent of promoting other partner websites. By clicking on these links and accessing these websites you will become bound to their Terms and Conditions, as well as to their Privacy Policies. We do not have any responsibilities for any of the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policies applied in foreign websites. We strongly recommend that you get acquainted with this Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policies before using foreign websites.



In line with the European laws in place, the website uses cookies to enhance your experience. The following warning appears on your webpage every time that a new user enters our website – “In this website we use cookies to make sure you have the best experience possible. By continuing to use it, you accept our Policy Privacy.” If you do not agree with our cookies usage, please contact us through


Changes to Privacy Policy

ORIGEM reserves to itself the right to change, at any moment and without issuing any previous communication or justification, the Privacy Policy herein. Any changes to this policy become binding on the moment that it is uploaded to this website, replacing immediately any other previous versions of this document. For that reason, we strongly advice that you read this page fully and thoroughly often so that you are always aware of any changes.


Questions and Contacts

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, if you want to access, correct, modify or erase any of your personal information, if you wish to submit a complaint or simply contact us please do not hesitate in sending us an email to or use any other official channel.

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