Why Bamboo?

Together we are moving towards a more sustainable future. Find out why bamboo is a key part of it.

Bamboo forest
Harvested bamboo
Bamboo powder and juices
Small bamboo in a vase

It's not just us...

One of the biggest benefits, and the reason why bamboo might be the material of the future, is its sustainability.


Bamboo is a super plant. If the next Avengers movie stars ‘Bamboo Man’, I wouldn’t be surprised. Bamboo is often labeled ‘the world’s most renewable material’ and is the fastest-growing woody plant in the world.

The Green Hub
Inspired? Watch how Elora Hardy has been using bamboo to construct beautiful houses around the world.

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Instagram - why bamboo? bamboo forest
Instagram - why bamboo? harvested bamboo
Instagram - why bamboo? bamboo powder and juices
Instagram - why bamboo? small bamboo in a vase