Why Bamboo?

There are many reasons why we believe bamboo can be the next game-changing material of today's world. Embark on this journey with us and learn more.

Fighting artificiality, bringing back Nature:

First and foremost, ORIGEM’s purpose as a brand and platform is fighting to change today's artificial, ill-design and turbulent world. We are a part of a movement that believes that today’s society is making us more preoccupied with what is artificial and superficial rather than with what is authentic and genuine.

In order to solve this, we decided to create a product that encompasses all of Nature’s authenticity and freshness, while delivering it to your life in a well-thought client journey. Particularly, by using bamboo as our raw material - a symbol of harmony between nature and men in many ancient cultures - we aimed at capturing the texture, patterns and feel of life so that every time you touch your ORIGEM products you can feel the heartbeat of Nature.

A step forward:

Bamboo has been used as an organic source of food, clothing and as a construction material to build musical instruments, houses and other heavy infrastructure since ancient times. Nowadays, there is a growing use of this plant because of its unique characteristics and properties, for example bamboo as a material to reinforce roads in India, to build houses and schools in Indonesia and China, to produce diapers in Japan or clothes worldwide.

Many scientists today are claiming that bamboo can be the material of the future due to its many uses and extraordinary properties. Here at ORIGEM, we present another potential use for it: sunglasses.         

Changing the world, substituting plastic:

Once the revolutionary material of an era, plastic is currently an enormous problem for our world. It is the cause for the destruction of many natural habitats and for killing vast amounts of species. According to the World Economic Forum, every minute 8 tons of plastic are dumped in the ocean and for us this is unacceptable. 

However, as it is important to substitute plastic, it is even more important to be responsible when choosing its substitute. In the sunglasses industry, common types of wood are usually used. However, despite being recyclable and eco-friendly, these types of wood are often not sustainable, as years must pass before a tree can be cut. This means that often times the used wood is being harvested from our planet’s already endangered forest. For that reason, we decided to pivot to bamboo. This unique plant grows at an impressive rate and because of that can be harvested in large quantities in a sustainable way. By choosing to have our production in this plant's ecosystem we avoid any further disruption with the local fauna and flora.

So, in the end, are we changing the world? Well, you are! Changing the world is all about realizing that small actions can, and will, make a difference. We believe that swapping plastic for eco-friendly bamboo sunglasses can be the start of something very important. However, all of this can only become a reality with your help. You choose!