Exchanges and Returns

Introductory message 

Dear Client,

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. For that reason, in order to make sure that you always feel safe and comfortable throughout your shopping experience, we created an easy, quick and flexible return and exchange policy that allows you to have all the guarantees that you are going to be satisfied.

Below you can find all the relevant information to exchange or return your product. For any further clarifications, please do not hesitate in contacting us through or through any other official communication channel.

General Conditions for Exchanging or Returning products

In order to be eligible to exchange or return your ORIGEM product, you must be within a 30-day period after the successful reception of your packages at the shipping address. Moreover, the product(s) should remain at the original preservations status and you should be able to return all the packaging materials (bamboo case, microfiber pouch and cleaning cloth) and any other materials provided with the sunglasses as they were, as well as to provide a valid receipt or proof of payment (mandatory for returns). If an unjustified damage to the product is found, if the whole or any parts of the packaging and extra material sent with the product are damaged or missing or if the costumer is not able to present a receipt or proof of payment of the sale, we will not able to proceed further with the exchange or return in question.

In the unlikely event that you receive a damaged product, you should immediately notify ORIGEM of this, providing a detailed explanation of what happened and pictures of the faulty products through ORIGEM’s official communication channels (e-Mail, website form or Facebook messenger). You should do so in a period never exceeding 48h after the successful reception of the package. Once it is established that either ORIGEM or the transportation services were liable for the reported damages, we will quickly resend the product in question, or – would you wish to do so – return your money in full, as soon as the damaged items arrive and at no additional cost.

Please note that the client must remain available to identify him or herself, produce a proof of address or to provide any other relevant documentation requested by ORIGEM at all times. Moreover, it is important to note that each Exchange and Return request is treated individually and that ORIGEM reserves for itself the right to refuse proceeding with such process without having to provide any explanations.

All products are considered at the price they are sold. If you acquired your goods under a promotional context (promotional campaigns / discounts etc.) that is already over or if you wish to exchange for a more expensive product we might ask you to compensate us for the outstanding difference, expect under damages that are imputable to ORIGEM or to the delivery service, or under explicit authorization in a case-to-cases evaluation basis

Exchange and Return Process

If you meet all the criteria above and wish to start your exchange / return procedure you should contact ORIGEM through any of its official communication channels (e-Mail, website form or Facebook messenger) and explain your intent. In this message, please do not forget to include your order number and, for exchange requests only, the model(s) that you which to exchange your product for. For returns, we also will ask you for a valid identification document that matches the payment details provided in the order. (WARNING: beware that ORIGEM will never request any credit card details from you.)

As soon as possible, we will get back to you confirming your request and eventually asking for any additional information and/or relevant documents required. Once all the eligibility criteria are met and all the information is provided, a final email with all the necessary information for you to send your package back to ORIGEM’s head-quarters in Lisbon, as well as with an explicit permission to do so will follow.

Once we receive your package back, we will in analyze each item as fast as possible in order to give you a final answer regarding the approval of your exchange / return process. Exceptionally, if there is anything that deems the exchange or return inadmissible after its analysis ORIGEM will contact you in order to try and find the best solution for both parties.

Lastly, we would like to highlight that ORIGEM will not bear the transportation costs associated to the product shipment to our headquarters, except in the event of a communicated and approved damaged item at arrival situation. Any packages received in ORIGEM’s headquarter with an impending cost associated will be rejected immediately. However, if you decided to exchange your product, we do support the costs of resending your new sunglasses back to you.

Final Remark

All of our products and services are subject to rigorous quality tests that allow us to guarantee a consistently high-quality standard to our clients. However, we know we might fail and that there is always room for improvement. For that reason, we are always 100% available to help you solve your problem, hear your suggestion or complaint and / or clarify any doubts you might have about ORIGEM, your product our service or any other matter.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us at or through any other of our official communication channels.

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