Meeting Carolina Toledo

Meeting Carolina Toledo
This interview is a part of our weekly "Meet your inspiration" initiative. We would like to thank Carolina dearly for her time and truly inspiring stories! Check out all her work in the links below.  Carolina Toledo profile picture

Hello there,

My name is Carolina Toledo and I am a content creator for my own brand and social media (@_carolinatoledo). I usually talk about nature, fashion, beauty, decoration, sports and sustainable tourism. More recently, I founded the first Directory of Sustainable Shops and Associations of the Canary Islands.

Q: What made you adopt a more sustainable lifestyle?

I met a person for whom sustainability is a philosophy of life and that experience really opened my eyes for it. From then on, I decided to turn my life around and began an inner transformation that has brought me to where I am today.

Q: If you could share only one tip for someone who is trying to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, what would it be?

Re-connect with nature. Nature is part of all living things on this planet and going back to our roots helps us to wake up for a more conscious life.

Q: As a sustainable lifestyle inspiration, what is your biggest goal?

My main goal was to dedicate myself to a project that would help people and create social well-being while taking care of the environment and allowing for economic development. At the same time, I wanted to feel that my work was actually useful and had a positive effect on society. With the creation of the Directory of Sustainable Shops and Associations in the Canary Islands, I can say that I am really achieving this.

Q: Do you have any stories of people that you have influenced into becoming more sustainable?

Every day people write me on social media to thank me for the content I share and saying that I have influenced them to lead a more conscious life, to change their consumption habits and, in general, to live a "slower" life. I find that beautiful. It really reinforces the fact that everything I do makes sense.

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Carolina is all about leading by example and in her website you can find all about her world and her lifestyle (in Spanish)!
You can also follow her on Instagram here  @_carolinatoledo and be up to date with all her work.

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