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How are our sunglasses made?

Most of the times, we have no idea where the products we consume come from. However, here at Origem, this is a really important issue.

In this blog post, we want to show you the ‘where what and how’ of our sunglasses so that you can be sure to support a production process that is fair and that you are comfortable with. From seed to you: enjoy!

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Are polarized lenses for me? - Find out here!
Everybody loves the sun. But having it directly hit your eyes or reflect from a smooth surface like the see, the road or a car can be both annoying and potentially dangerous. In this blog post, we are going to dive in on what are polarized lenses and why you should (or shouldn't) prefer them over normal sunglasses.
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Did you read our interview with EcoMogul Magazine?
Last week EcoMogul Magazine featured us on a very special interview with one of our co-founders (André). We talked about the world of sustainable fashion, how bamboo can become the next best substitute for plastic and about our newest collection (out now!). Enjoy!
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Plant a tree with your name on it - how about that?

Today, we are taking this commitment a step further by putting your name next to one of the trees you're planting. 

Your tree - Your name - Your impact is our newest initiative aimed at connecting you with a part of the positive impact you are creating. Our hope is to inspire our community for the power of small but collective changes.

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