Plant a tree with your name on it - how about that?

Plant a tree with your name on it - how about that?

Here at ORIGEM, we are all about creating a community for positive change.    

And that is why, since long, we have been working together with NGOs like WWF or Trees for the Future to make sure that 5 trees are planted for every pair sold.

Today, we are taking this commitment a step further by putting your name next to one of the trees you're planting. 

Your tree - Your name - Your impact is our newest initiative aimed at connecting you with a part of the positive impact you are creating. Our hope is to inspire our community for the power of small but collective changes.

Your name next to your tree
That's right, by working in collaboration with Folia Project - a reforestation project in Spain (learn more) - 1 of the 5 trees you will be planting will have your name next to it (picture above) so that you can see, feel and even visit directly a part of the impact you're having in joining our community.
Folia Project logo
The first round of trees will be planted in October 2020. Once your tree has been planted, we will email you a picture of it with your name in the hope that this can inspire our movement to grow.
Meanwhile, you can follow the progress of our project by visiting our virtual forest HERE.
If you have any questions about this initiative or any other, please do not hesitate in contacting us by dropping us an email at or by directly chatting with us by clicking on the green button on the bottom right corner. Have a great day.

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