Meeting Catarina Palma

This interview is a part of our weekly "Meet your inspiration" initiative. We would like to thank Catarina dearly for her time, truly inspiring stories and for being a  member of our ORIGEM family with her Yosemite model. Check out all her work in the links below.
Catarina Palma


My name is Catarina Palma and I have been behind the microphone for almost 6 years now (in MegaHits) and it's been 1 year since I am in front of the camera for Faz Faísca, RTP1. I love both projects, but in different ways. I also like animals, all of them in general... but bugs with wings I rather keep my distance. But it's ok...

Q: What made you adopt a more sustainable lifestyle?

It makes no sense having a lifestyle that ends up destroying itself. We owe respect to ourselves, to earth and to all who inhabit it.

Q: If you could share only one tip for someone who is trying to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, what would it be?

There is always a better solution: you just have to think more and search more ... After all, it all boils down to information: more of it!

Q: As a sustainable lifestyle inspiration, what is your biggest goal?

To have a home which is practically self-sustaining (produce my own food and, if possible, my own energy).

Q: Do you have any stories of people that you have influenced into becoming more sustainable?

I don't have a specific story in my head right now. But truth is that I influence others as others influence me. There are people that have stopped doing certain things because I told them so and I have received very thoughtful and useful tips from these same people

Catarina Palma
The best thing about Catarina is that you can borrow a little bit of her energy almost every day: From Monday to Friday she is behind the mic at 10 am in her Top 10 às 10 at MegaHits and on Sunday you can see her on RTP1 at 2 pm for Faz Faísca
You can also follow her on Instagram here @catarinaspalma and be up to date with all her work.

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