Q: Can I exchange / return my sunglasses?
A: Of course! You have 5 days to do so: no questions asked. And if your sunglasses aren't perfect when they arrive it's on us. 

Q: How can I use your TRY ON feature?
A: Click here to see our help page for this feature. In 5 simple steps you will be rocking your new sunglasses from the comnfort of your home!

Q: Are your lenses safe?
A: Actually, the safest: polarized + UV400 is the highest protection available for commercial sunglasses.

Q: Isn't bamboo fragile?
A: Well, bamboo is used to build houses and roads, it can handle sunglasses!

Q: Are your sunglasses sustainable?
A: Absolutely. They are even carbon-negative!

Q: Are they fairly made?
A: Yes, they are: all our suppliers observe Fair Trade working standards.

Q: Do you really plant 5 trees?
A: Well, you do: it's included in the price. We work with international organizations to make sure your money hits the ground as fast as possible.

Q: How are your prices so competitive? Isn't bamboo more expensive?
A: It is, much more! But we believe in the power of fair pricing so we focus on a high-quality product and a great customer experience.

Q: I have a discount code, what do I do?
A: Click the button "Buy now", scroll to the end of the page and introduce your discount code in the box just below "Check Out" button. 

Please visit our FAQs page for more information or contact us at info@origembrand.com