Meeting Joana Limão

Meeting Joana Limão
This interview is a part of our weekly "Meet your inspiration" initiative. We would like to thank Joana dearly for her time and truly inspiring stories! Check out all her work in the links below.  
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My name is Joana. I am based in Lisbon and work as a freelancer in recipe development, food styling and photography. I also love sharing a bit of my lifestyle and healthy recipes on my website Please Consider and through social media @joanamlimao. I love the sun, walks in nature and long days at the beach.

Q: What made you adopt a more sustainable lifestyle?

My journey brought me to a place where I believe it is both our right and duty to live in harmony with our planet, in all the ways we can. And I try to follow that principle a little bit every day.

Q: If you could share only one tip for someone who is trying to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, what would it be?

If you really need to buy, buy local.

Q: As a sustainable lifestyle inspiration, what is your biggest goal?

I don’t consider myself an influencer, but if I can inspire just one person to eat healthier, that makes me happy. 

Q: Do you have any stories of people that you have influenced into becoming more sustainable?

I think that my mom is a beautiful example of someone who is changing her lifestyle little by little, from buying in bulk to using fabric bags when shopping, to preferring local sourdough over processed bread... She is implementing new lifestyle changes slowly but regularly and having great success! Yeah, mom!

Joana Limao ROXY Yoga & Food
You can find all about Joana's world here From healthy vegan recipes to wellness, beauty and stunning guides to Lisbon Food and Bali, there is truly an amazing world to discover!
You can also follow her on Instagram here @joanamlimao and be up to date with all her work.

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